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Website Design for UK Law Firms

We are dedicated to creating premium websites for Law Firms and Lawyers in the UK. We design websites for law firms to maximise their Google Rankings to deliver increased client enquiries that deliver lucrative results.

Our unrivalled technical understanding of marketing for the legal sector enables us to develop the best techniques and solutions for solicitors, lawyers and law firms to improve their website traffic, improve the user experience and generate more enquiries for your firm.

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Legal Website Design


From modern and corporate to sleek and memorable, all our websites for law firms retain one common attribute; they are beautifully designed to the highest standards and are perfectly synchronised with your brand.


We understand what your clients are looking for from the Legal sector and how they need nurturing through your website in order for them to enquire. We strike perfect harmony between creativity and function by building your website with CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation) in mind to ensure your website not only looks great – but delivers leads.


Website Development

Our website development team are at the cutting edge of the latest technological advancements for UK law firms and we pride ourselves for taking things that little bit further, always challenging and looking for more than just a website.

Accesspoint Media Services live and breathe the Legal sector. Every day we design law firm websites for solicitors, lawyers and attorneys. This passion ensures that we design the very best website experiences for your clients. Our websites are built using modern coding languages and commercial grade CMS frameworks (Content Management Systems) such as WordPress. As experts in WordPress, we develop compelling websites that are search-engine friendly, easy to navigate, load quickly and are future-proofed for growth and development. Using WordPress allows for easy transportability and development of your website, rather than being locked into a proprietary CMS.

Our full stack website development solution takes care of the entire journey from migrating your existing website to our London based hosting, through to developing your new website from scratch, launching and any maintenance and upgrades required thereafter.

Increase Client Enquiries

The Legal sector has historically been heavily reliant upon gaining clients from referrals. Referrals are great – but they place a natural cap on your client reach and limit the rate at which your Law firm can scale.

A high performance data-driven website will unleash the potential of your digital presence to attract a wealth of new clients as well as raise the awareness of your Legal services to existing clients and the opportunity for cross-selling purposes.

The foundation of any website continuously evolves and the days of merely having a website with a basic web presence have ended. Failure to adopt new thinking and ongoing improvements will without doubt result in less traffic and low search engine ranking.

For local, regional and national firms alike, a well-designed website not only helps increase the volume of clients to your offices, but also provides a helpful resource for anyone looking to research their legal issue.


Maximise Client Retention

The Legal sector is like no other – clients predominantly only access your website when they are looking for help with their Legal issues. By default this means clients will only visit your website a handful of times, so it’s crucial that your website capitalises as much as possible on these visits in order to maximise revenue.

Even with referred clients, we understand that your website is the first thing a potential client comes into contact with. Accesspoint Media Services design your website to an unbeatable standard with custom designs that reflect your brand, creating a memorable platform for your visitors and a pleasant user experience.

Improve Search Rankings

Your website has the potential to climb the ranks within search engines. Every day we see Law firms ‘Googling’ themselves and thinking they are performing well, but in reality, they are inputting search terms that clients don’t search – which gives a false positive.

We understand there is a dis-joint between ‘lawyer speak’ and ‘client speak’ and using the right tone of voice matters – we develop websites with this in mind. Accesspoint ensure that your website contains keywords that strike a perfect balance between correct terminology and what clients are actually searching for.

We analyse 100,000’s of visitors data every month to understand, adapt and refine websites to keep them performing.

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Legal Website Integrations

Accesspoint understand that Legal websites need to push the boundaries of functionality in order to provide an exceptional experience for your clients. As experts in the Legal sector, our websites are built with custom integrations to allow your clients and prospects to self-serve as much as possible whilst gathering valid leads for your fee-earners.

We develop these integrations for the many different areas of law, such as; compensation calculators, lease extension calculators, digital onboarding tools, CRM integrations, PMS integrations (such as Tikit P4W), Will builders and so much more. We advise on what functionality you could make use of depending on the areas of law your firm operates within.

Accesspoint don’t just focus on creating compelling website designs for clients, we focus on creating a system that will alleviate your fee-earners time. We design websites that utilise intelligent automation which makes the process of updating your website much easier. No more headaches adding a new member of staff or adding a blog article. Other automations include dynamically taking information from your website, such as enquiry forms and populating them directly into your PMS which streamlines processes and improves data accuracy.

This gives you peace of mind knowing that we don’t create run of the mill websites that become stale and redundant in a year. All our law firm websites are engineered and creafted to extreme standards and developed to accomodate and excel your requirements and create a compelling digital experience for your legal clients.

SRA Compliant Legal Websites

We follow strict compliance checks on every website we build. We understand the requirements outlined by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, such as the inclusion of the SRA Digital Badge, Pricing Transparancy rules, Complaints procedures and more. We ensure that each of these items are integrated flawlessly for you to remain compliant.

Your accreditations & reviews

Your accreditations from the Law Society, Legal 500, Chambers, Resolution, LexCel, Headway, Step and all others provide a huge trust factor to your clients. We ensure that all accreditations are displayed using high quality vector logos and are kept up-to-date every year.

Reviews are crucial to give your firm credibility and to help your prospects gain trust with your firm. Accesspoint provide intelligent integrations with Trust Pilot, ReviewSolicitors, Google and others.

Responsive Design

Accesspoint also understand that more and more clients search for Legal services on their mobile devices and tablets. We have created a very modern approach and we design every website to be 100% responsive to automatically reformat itself to look stunning on every device. This creates an engaging user experience for your clients, to help lead them into instructing your firm.

Website Process

How the process works…

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to design a Law Firms Website?

Website designs are dependant upon many factors such as quantity of pages, level of customisation, complexity of integrations and more. If you would like a quotation, contact us with your current website address and we can provide a no-obligation quotation. If you have a fixed budget, or are looking for us to tendor for your website project we can discuss the varying options to meet your budgetary requirements.

For every website, we operate on a fixed-project price. We project scope the entire website at the start and deliver against this. We never hide costs.

Do you provide website hosting?

Yes, our sister company, Accesspoint Technologies provide ‘dedicated to Legal’ managed IT services. As a benefit of this, they operate their very own Legal Data Centre, based in London. All of our websites are securely hosted on this platform to give complete control. All websites take advantage of dedicated resources, ultra-fast loading times, hardened server security and much more. If you would like a tour of our Legal data centre – we would be more than happy to show you around. We also provide maintenance packages to ensure your website is up-to-date and running in peak condition 24/7.

Will our new website be listed on Google?

Yes, every website we launch goes through a strict ‘launch’ process. We ensure your website pages are easily interpreted for search engines such as Google and Bing. We submit every website directly to these search engines to expedite the indexing of your new site.

What will happen to my old website?

We re-direct all traffic from the old website to the new website, this ensures that no 404 errors occur. We also take multiple, secure backups of all old websites so that should you ever need historical access – we can provision access to the old site on a secure platform.

Who owns the website?

Upon payment in full, the client receives full ownership of the website.

Do you design microsites & landing pages?

Yes, we develop all sizes of websites, from high-conversion pulling landing pages to showcase a specific area of law through to a wide microsite portfolio and commercial grade websites.

Data Driven Websites for Legal

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