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As the pace of business increases at an ever-accelerating rate, so too does the need for visionary thinking and strategic planning.

Many law firms avoid strategic ‘brand’ planning because they consider it complex and difficult to implement, they also see it costing lots of money and sapping the time and energy of their senior management team. In fact it ought to be reasonably quick, simple and easily implementable at a much lower level.

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Marketing Plan

An effective strategy is built on knowledge and market awareness. Understanding the market sector and its players is paramount. With many years of experience in legal, we are well placed to not only advise but also deliver success. When preparing a strategic plan it needs robust processes for development and rigorous controls for its successful implementation. Our structured approach to developing a brand marketing strategy will help you to meet your targets, satisfy your customers and deliver value by enhancing the perception of your business and service offering.

We will implement the agreed strategy and introduce control measures appropriate to the scale and complexity of the activities.

Through this brand marketing strategy we bring together your services and your people, ensuring that your brand delivers tangible results, commanding and defending a market position.


Before any activity commences a number of very important questions should be addressed and answered by the partners.

With answers to the following questions, it will provide a platform for the brand proposition and both the longer-term strategic marketing approach combined with a shorter tactical ‘opportunist’ element. The answers will also highlight what the real drivers are behind the core business components and guide the approach to marketing.

  1. What is the vision for the business?
  2. What are the business targets for this year?
  3. What are these based on?
    • Opportunity – market demand and trend,
    • Necessity – volume or incremental growth,
    • Strengths – margin delivery
  4. What product (channel/service) delivers the most recommends?
  5. What is the largest growth area?
  6. What are the businesses key strengths?
  7. Which product/individual is the cash cow?
  8. What are the hot topics within your legal service offering?
  9. What is the practice best known for?
  10. Is the firm best known for the brand or individuals within it?
  11. Are the marketing plan (strategic) and communications (promotion/messaging) aligned and supportive of the goals, strengths and opportunities?

Simple points to consider

  • Gather a representative working team
  • Go off-site
  • Get full commitment from all the partners
  • Let go of the reins
  • Use a third party facilitator
  • Include an action plan
  • Don’t use indelible ink
  • Don’t let the facilitator write the plan
  • Get commitment in writing
  • Review the plan regularly
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