Marketing Audit for Solicitors

Does your marketing work for you or against you?

Accesspoint can provide a comprehensive audit and analysis of both your offline and online marketing activities.

This provides the opportunity to objectively review what is working for you and what isn’t. Upon completion of this audit we identify the next step forward for provisioning and upholding a solid marketing strategy.

Marketing and the strategic direction of a firm can often be left behind as partners and the senior team focus on matters at hand dealing with client cases and day to day operations. Needless to say that over time this will undoubtedly affect the relevance of marketing materials and market messaging – dated, meaningless and ineffective.

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Manage and measure

In this fast moving technological world it is imperative that marketing activities are constantly under review – managing and measuring daily.

So, when was the last time that anyone in your firm actually conducted any form of marketing audit and review? More to the point, do you have anyone in your employ who has the time or necessary skill set to be able to do this?

Whilst not only creating short term issues, this can create long lasting devastating after effects on your firms reputation and brand – ultimately hindering performance and your bottom line.

As Legal marketeers, we are experts in conducting a thorough marketing audit and submitting by presentation the full findings together with an action plan for remedial works, a future strategy and how to implement  plans to promote your firm and take not only the headache away but also drive positive actions for success.

Digital Marketing Audit

We live in a digital world where potential clients carry out 100’s of thousands of Google searches every single day to find help about their Legal matter. If Law firms want to grow their profit margin and improve their bottom line – it’s essential to flip this marketing strategy the right way up and start to attract ‘new digital clients’. Our in-depth review will outline your current performance benchmarked against your competitors. This will highlight the underperforming areas of your strategy and also highlight gaps within the market, allowing you to dynamically adapt you marketing plan.

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Data Driven Websites for Legal

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We provide our clients with a highly trained team who have bags of energy, tons of knowledge and experience in legal marketing plus: a real passion for giving you the ongoing support you’ll need in marketing to keep you well ahead of your competition resulting in a much improved bottom line.
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