Website Upgrades & Integrations

Experienced integration specialists

We are not a ‘one size fits all’ agency, we are dedicated to legal and understand that a complete new website isn’t always required. We are specialists in the Legal sector and develop bespoke integrations to streamline your firm.

Our unrivalled technical understanding of marketing for the legal sector enables us to develop the best solutions and integrations for solicitors, lawyers and law firms to improve traffic, user experience and enquiries to your firm.

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Ongoing upgrades

Our software development team are at the cutting edge of the latest technological advancements for UK law firms.

Are you happy with your website, but just looking to for additional functionality, or perhaps a direct integration such as the integration of your website to your PMS to streamline processes? We are fully versed in the latest website and software programming languages with knowledge around the Legal sector. This places us in a very unique position for understanding your requests and then deploying the most robust solution.

Essential Maintenance

We specialise in website development and will look after your website as if it was our own.

You can relax knowing your website is being looked after by Accesspoint. You will get direct support with our  maintenance team whenever you need any technical or other help with your website. We provide support with updating the content of your website, adding additional functionality, re-designing, technical development, integrations, virus removal, hosting and technical support.

Lead Generating New Websites

The Legal sector is like no other – clients predominantly only access your website when they are looking for help with their Legal issues. By default this means clients will only visit your website a handful of times, so it’s crucial that your website capitalises as much as possible on these visits in order to maximise revenue.

We understand what your clients are looking for from the Legal sector and how they need nurturing through your website in order for them to enquire. We strike perfect harmony between creativity and function by building your website with CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation) in mind to ensure your website not only looks great – but delivers leads.

Ultra Fast and Secure Website Hosting

We have developed our own bespoke hosting platform, which is highly tuned to deliver ultra-fast loading websites that are extremely secure and maintain 99.9% uptime. All of our websites are backed up to multiple locations for complete disaster recovery. We deploy commercial grade web application firewalls, anti spam protection, malware and anti-virus protection as well as monitoring all resources to ensure peak performance every minute of the day.

Data Driven Websites for Legal

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We provide our clients with a highly trained team who have bags of energy, tons of knowledge and experience in legal marketing plus: a real passion for giving you the ongoing support you’ll need in marketing to keep you well ahead of your competition resulting in a much improved bottom line.
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