Web360 Integration

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Our Web360 package was created for firms of all sizes, to free up fee-earners time and improve data accuracy. Web360 removes the process of handling data manually by automatically unifying data from various sources into a single origin – your PMS.

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Website Integration

Our website integration allows your firm to seamlessly link your websites data directly into your PMS. As clients populate webforms on your website, the data will be automatically injected into your PMS within seconds. Your PMS will be configured to automatically validate the enquiry against existing entities and create a prospect/opportunity from the enquiry whilst notifying designated fee-earners of the new client. The client will also receive a confirmation email.

Website Forensics

Website Forensics allow you to track the entire digital journey of a client, from clicking on a Google advert or Facebook post etc, right through to the completion of their case – all captured within your PMS.

This allows you to identify which marketing channels are providing quality leads and which aren’t. It also provides a complete ROI by cross referencing the cost of acquiring the client, such as a £5 advert click, against the final matter value – all of which is reported in your PMS showing how much revenue has been generated from your web forms. Forensics also maximises cross selling opportunities for your firm by automatically sending an e-shot to clients that visit chosen pages on your website.

FormShare Integration

Our FormShare integration allows your website to be integrated with Tikit FormShare (FormShare enables firms to use PDF Forms to electronically capture client data). The FormShare PDF data fields are linked to a custom built webform on your website, allowing clients to self-start the process by populating their information digitally. This data is seamlessly injected into your chosen FormShare PDF’s allowing you access to a pre-populated form which reduces admin time and improves data accuracy.

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