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Earlier this month Google released a huge update, Core Web Vitals which revolves entirely around evaluating your websites page experience.

Google wants users to find exactly what they are looking for, quickly and efficiently. Though whilst you might have excellent content (great if you do!) you may not be delivering it in the best way – causing a poor page experience.

Google has released Core Web Vitals to help measure the user experience of your website to help you improve it – thus creating a better web-experience for everyone.

So what are the new metrics?

  1. LCP: Largest Contentful Paint (measures loading performance)
  2. FID: First Input Delay (measures interactivity)
  3. CLS: Cumulative Layout Shift (measures visual stability)

Google wants to see Green Lights for all of these on your website (as per our very own Accesspoint Media website screenshot below).

Google Pagespeed

In a nutshell – they measure metrics of your websites usability such as load time, interactivity, and the stability of content as it loads (to stop those annoying moments where you go to click a button and the content suddenly jumps resulting in clicking the wrong thing!).

Optimising for these factors makes your website more engaging for users across all devices and help lure those valuable prospects into enquiring.

How can Accesspoint Media Services help?

As dedicated Legal website developers, we develop all of our websites with this in mind (even before Google announced such tools!) – website speed, performance and useability is key to a good experience. We spend many hours within legal website development to optimise every single part of your website to ensure it is running at peak performance – much like our own website which shows our development efficiencies (measured by Google PageSpeed).

Note: It’s difficult, but very important to see lots of Green Lights and 90+ rating on Google Pagespeed.

Google Pagespeed


Alongside Web Core Vitals, your firms’ website should ensure good accessibility for as many clients as possible. Your website should accommodate for:

Visual Impairment: A partial or total inability to see or to perceive color contrasts.

Motor Skills/Physical Disabilities: Users can have physical difficulty in moving parts of their bodies such as using a mouse to make precise movements.

Hearing Impairment: Users with a reduced hearing ability.

Photosensitive Seizures: Useage of certain web-elements such as flashing lights can can cause seizures in clients that have conditions such as epilepsy.

Cognitive Disabilities: There are many conditions that affect cognitive ability, such as dementia and dyslexia.

Accesspoint build all websites with accessibility in mind, using legible fonts, clear image alt tags, good contrast, removal of flashing imagery, easy-to-use functionality, large buttons and much more. If you require any advice or an audit of your current site, please contact us.

All ready have a website?

We provide a comprehensive digital marketing audit to provide extensive reporting into the efficiency and performance of your website and its supporting digital marketing. Please contact us if you would like more information.

Article by: Scott Brown

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