SEO is an integral part of any business’ online presence and an important component towards its ongoing ‘shop window’ success.

We create full SEO strategies tailored to fit your specific law firm requirements to enable boosting your ranking on popular search engines and deliver a great user experience to create your ‘point of difference and stand out’ from the competition. Over time it will provide your firm with an easy to find website that will connect you with the all important people who are searching for your services. This will eventually increase the number of enquiries seen over a period of time and quickly deliver a very tangible return on your investment (ROI).


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a technique used for bringing good quality, higher volume traffic to your website delivered via organic search engine results (Google, Bing, etc).

Organic traffic is a primary source of website traffic. It also helps to build trust and credibility. In addition, SEO can impact the overall conversion rate on your site. As we know, everyone conducts their own online market comparison research before committing to a purchase or indeed contacting anyone from your firm. When applied effectively SEO increases the number of visitors to your website and also provides wider exposure to prospective clients who are actively searching for the services that your law firm provides.


What’s the difference between Free Traffic and Paid Traffic

SEO is a free process – although requires time and patience – focusing on optimising your website to rank higher in natural search engine results (SERP). SEO is an on-going marketing strategy with visible/measurable results proven after a few weeks.

Paid advertising (PPC) on the other hand is instant but it isn’t free. Once you start paying for advertising you will see your ad above the natural search results almost instantly (assuming you outbid the competitors). However, when you stop paying for advertising your ads are simply removed – with SEO, even if you take a break your website will still show in the natural search results for the targeted searches/queries.

SEO is a long term investment – paid advertising is a short term investment.


SEO will target quality traffic which means your website will only be shown to people who are actually searching for it (or services that you provide) this is then much easier to convert into leads and ultimately sales. One of the main goals of your website is to stand out from the competition and to increase your prospect customer base. Otherwise, what’s the point of investing thousands of pounds into marketing? Law firms with optimised websites bring at least a minimum of twice as many clients and grow significantly faster than the law firms without optimised websites.

Website optimisation not only brings more relevant traffic but also helps with the user experience. An optimised website is easier to navigate and to understand, content is easier and quicker to discover too.

Better website conversion rates lead to more clients. SEO gets more clicks than paid ads as they are “natural” results and specifically relevant. Some people consciously avoid clicking on ads. Studies show that over 70% of clicks from the 1st page of Google results are coming from organic results and over 60% of those clicks are from position #1 to #5.

Outranking the competition – as an example let’s take two firms with similar service portfolios. One with an optimised website and one with a non-optimised website. Assuming all else is equal, which firm do you think will rank higher in SERP? If your site is following Google’s guidelines (or other search engines) and fully optimised, then Google will show links to your site (pages on your site) in the top of its search results.


Accesspoint Media are on top of the latest changes to Google and Bing search algorithms and we also understand how to take advantage of those changes to help your firm rank in page 1 in SERP (Search Engine Result Pages).


On-page SEO is everything that is managed and implemented on your website.

To create the most effective online SEO we consider every feature down to the content, keywords, page titles, page description, sitemap, internal linking, user experience, colours, images, videos, site responsiveness and many more.


We conduct thorough research for keywords and keyphrases that will help rank your site and its individual pages higher than your competition.


Content is king and should be written for your audience first then optimised for search engine recognition afterwards. Writing copy to include keywords naturally and fluently is paramount to deliver first class results.


Site structure, link silos and sitemaps are all relating to how well your website is organised and how easy it is to navigate around it.


Site speed or how fast your website opens on desktop computers and more importantly on mobile devices with mobile internet access will define whether a visitor stays on your site or returns to Google in preference of other faster websites.


Off-page SEO is all the activity that is conducted outside of your website. We utilise many tools in order to create a seamless offline flow, such as Google My Business (inc locations on map), review pages, backlinks, domain authority, social media, guest blogging, etc. Much of this activity is sometimes overlooked but can form the cornerstone of a fantastic website ‘v’ a good website.


Google My Business (GMB) helps with exposure in your local area bringing you more local clients looking for solicitors nearby. GMB puts your firm on the Google Maps.


Quality backlinks are links to your firm’s website from other more popular and established websites (BBC, online magazines, newspapers, etc). All links aren’t necessarily good links – be aware!


97% of people searching for any service or product online look for reviews and take action after reading them. Building your review portfolio is vitally important to influence the final decision of your prospect.


Local SEO is a perfect starting point for any smaller firm that is just starting out (one, two offices) and are looking for more local exposure to attract clients. Local SEO is a form of SEO that is used to target areas that are more confined to the geographic region of the business, by using keywords that specify the area in which you practice.

A common problem faced for smaller firms is that they’re not gaining visibility from searches within their own geographical region. This is a problem as many of your potential clients who can be found on your own doorsteps are sadly missed, as they do not know about your firm or that you could provide the services that they need and are looking for.

We deal with the often, time-consuming task of building your business’ SEO content, so that you can concentrate on delivering quality service to your clients


National or global SEO kicks in when you don’t limit your firm to just a small radius around one office. If your firm is established with many offices across the UK (or globally) then adopting national/global SEO is a natural way to go.

To outrank your competitors in natural search results you must first know who your competitors are and what they do to rank high in SERP. At Accesspoint we can provide market intel about your competitors activities to help with an SEO audit and future strategic planning.


Numbers never lie and as part of our service, each month you will receive a detailed and easy to understand report extracted from Google analytics showing you exactly what was, and is done to rank your site higher in Google results.

help is at hand

Hiring and training or keeping regular marketing staff can be expensive, so letting us look after your marketing makes very good financial sense. As specialists in marketing services we bring added strength to your team and get under the skin of what you do best, how to promote it and generate new business leads.

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