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Let Your Website Do the Talking

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Your firm’s website has the potential to become the most powerful tool in your marketing plan. With the right level of maintenance and upgrades it will be able to withstand the current competition from other websites as well as the ever-changing consumer demands.

Although social distancing may soon be a thing of the past it is important to keep in mind how many firms had to rely on their website to bring in new business when offices closed. As many firms continue to enhance their online presence and grow with the digital world, perhaps now is the time to continue exploring what a good website can do for your firm’s future.

Improve SEO and Content

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The content seen on a website can have a lasting impact on visitors and as we have mentioned before SEO is always an important factor when thinking of your website, without it most of your target audience will not be able to reach your services and see any other effort that has been put into your website. Think about making your content clear, concise and appealing for the mass market, At Accesspoint we can help you achieve this through effective keywords, taglines and headlines. As well as ensuring your content meets the requirements needed to be placed at the top of popular search engines, consider adding content that can provide your visitors with a better idea of who they are talking to. As face-to-face meetings are still not allowed, a team’s page with individual profiles of your firm’s members will add the much-needed personal touch and possibly increase the chance of receiving business.

Enhance Website Design

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Most people do not always log onto a laptop to browse the internet and search for services, many people are now looking through their phones or tablets on the go. In addition to this many people visiting your site will be looking for more than the bare minimum with what your site can offer. Therefore, it is important for firms to team up with a web designer that can make their website look great on various devices without compromising the functionality or appearance of the site. At Accesspoint we use WordPress to design websites, this allows us and yourself to be free to make any design or integration changes to the site in the future.


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As people become more conscious of the environment, they expect businesses to adapt to a more paperless lifestyle too. It is important for your firm to show that it is forward thinking for making the switch over from countless paper trails of receipts and invoices to an eco-friendlier digital alternative. Our portal will provide your firm with just that, as it facilitates pre-configured email notification for complete traceability, the email is sent to the client and firm once an order is placed, or if there is an issue with the transaction. 

Utilise Integrations

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It is very important for your firm to carry out a routine check-up every now and again, not only to ensure that it is running smoothly with relevant content and an appealing layout, but to also ensure that it is up to par with some of the larger competitors and consumer demands. A good way to guarantee your website is ready for competition is to make full use of integrations that are available such as payment portals, client tracking and web forms to guarantee your website can draw clients in, keep them engaged and utilise all marketing opportunities.

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