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Is it time to upgrade your firm’s website?

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Finding a moment to assess your website can be difficult, with heavy workloads and busy schedules in place, many SME firms just can’t find the time.

However, it’s important to note that keeping your website up to date with the latest upgrades is important for several reasons, firstly providing your clients with an easy and effective journey from the start and also allowing your website to perform at its best with newest and most modern processes.

Accesspoint offer innovative and intelligent website integrations that are available for your firm right now and our top picks are sure to keep your website looking sleek and working seamlessly.

What website integrations are available for your firm?

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Payment Portal

This handy integration is the key to keeping your firm up to date with modern expectations as more clients demand easier and remote payment methods. Accesspoint’s Payment Portal is deployed as a secure, easy to use standalone portal that can be integrated with your website to facilitate client payments for greater efficiency and more convenience. It is a sure way to gain a competitive advantage and improve your clients overall experience on their legal journey, as they no longer need to meet face to face to pay their deposits/initial consultation fees at the start of the process plus any outstanding fees at the end of the case.

 “The payment portal for us really has been a no-brainer. It was up and running in January before the lockdown measures took hold and has been an invaluable mechanism for ensuring that team members working from home have been able to provide a facility for clients to make payments and settle bills that are easy to reconcile for accounts purposes.”

JL (Partner) – Luqmani Thompson & Partners

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Web360 Package

Our Web360 package is integrated to your website and joins up with your PMS for the perfect streamlined approach. The website integration feature is a ‘must have’, as it provides your site with the necessary tools to easily collect client information via webforms and seamlessly inject the data straight into your PMS. Drastically save time as enquires will be automatically validated against existing entities and created as a prospect, whilst notifying the nominated fee earner – ensuring that you don’t miss any new sales opportunities.

In addition to this, the website forensic feature is a great tool for providing valuable information as it tracks the entire digital journey of a client from the initial touch points such as Facebook/ Linkedin/ Google. This is an essential integration to have as it provides your firm with the knowledge about which marketing channels are providing real leads and providing the highest returns on your marketing investments.

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Online Will Planner

The Online Will Planner integration utilises automation from start to finish and is perfect for firms that want to create a stress-free environment and ensure clients feel secure and comfortable when dealing with something as sensitive as creating a will. The integration is simple for clients and can be completed with a quick process. A customisable user-friendly form is integrated onto your firm’s website, which provides clear instructions for all users whilst taking and then managing the client information. Once clients have filled in the web form it is securely sent to a solicitor to be verified and submitted into P4W where it will create a client entity and matter. Processing the Will template can either inject data into a simple Will or build a complex Will.

“Working with Accesspoint over the past 2 years has ensured a seamless approach to the major developments of P4W that we have carried out, and further developments benefiting the firm, our teams and our clients. One of our biggest projects we have completed with Accesspoint was our Online Will Planner which has made the whole process of completing a simple Will online a massive success with our clients and cuts down the time lawyers are dealing with administration work. As the firm continues to grow, we will continue to work closely with Accesspoint to ensure we are at the forefront when it comes to technology.”

IB – Sales & Marketing Manager, GloverPriest

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