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Corporate backgrounds – Be ready, any place, anytime

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Being professional has now extended beyond the level of service your firm delivers and with video conference calls here to stay, just how professional does your background really make you look? 

Keeping your background looking clean, modern and sleek is easier said than done, yet very important. As most firms continue to work from home, the likelihood of something distracting taking place in the background of your video call is high. 

Now, with your very own branded corporate background, you never have to worry about those little disruptions again. 

Bring the attention back to you and your firm with a high-quality corporate background to display under any situation and provide your team and clients with the opportunity to maintain visual branding, as well as professionalism.

How is it done?

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Choose your preferred office background from our list of designs.

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Upload a high-resolution copy of your corporate logo

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Our Graphic Artists will 3D Vector your corporate logo onto your chosen background and issue it to you via email, within 3-5days.

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