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Bespoke website designs to suit your firm

Designing a website and creating an online presence that truly captures your firm in all of its glory as well as keeping your firm ahead of the competition takes a lot of planning and even more maintenance.
We at Accesspoint understand this and so we continue to find new and innovative ways to ensure your firm’s website and general online presence is achieving maximum efficiency at every angle. For example, our legal platform Mozaique can certainly house many of the solutions your firm is looking for to remain ahead and cater to consumer demands on a flexible and long-term basis.
Why not check out our top tips in ensuring your firm stays on top.

Explore Mozaique

Mozaique offers smart forensic tools, which allow your firm to monitor and track the digital journey of a client, from clicking on a Google advert or Facebook post right through to the completion of their case – providing your firm with valuable insights and demographic data that can all be delivered straight into your practice management system. Additionally, incorporating web forms into your site will allow you to quickly follow up potential leads and effectively establish contact with them remotely. Try exploring different integrations that allow you to engage with visitors immediately, as this could increase the chance of turning prospects into clients.
Mozaique can play a huge part in attracting new clients and providing the best experience for existing clients. With the sleek and clever tools offered within the platform such as the client portal to check various parts of a case, to the quick and easy payment portal, that is used to make transactions simple for clients and provide clear reporting for the firm. Having this on your side will certainly showcase your firm as a tech-savvy forward-thinking giant in the legal world and could give any potential clients the added reassurance needed to decide on going with your firm.

Enhance website design

Most people do not always log onto a laptop to browse the internet and search for services, many people are now looking through their phones or tablets on the go. In addition to this many people visiting your site will be looking for more than the bare minimum with what your site can offer. Therefore, it is important for firms to team up with a web designer that can make their website look great on various devices without compromising the functionality or appearance of the site. At Accesspoint we use WordPress to design websites, this allows us and yourself to be free to make any design or integration changes to the site in the future.

Improve SEO and Content 

The content seen on a website can have a lasting impact on visitors and as we have mentioned before SEO is always an important factor when thinking of your website, without it most of your target audience will not be able to reach your services and see any other effort that has been put into your website. Think about making your content clear, concise and appealing for the mass market.
At Accesspoint we can help you achieve this through effective keywords, taglines and headlines. As well as ensuring your content meets the requirements needed to be placed at the top of popular search engines, consider adding content that can provide your visitors with a better idea of who they are talking to. Consider adding a team’s page with individual profiles of your firm’s members for a much-needed personal touch and possibly increase the chance of receiving business.

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