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Collecting client reviews for your firm can instantly boost future client attraction

 Accesspoint team up with ReviewSolicitors to develop a P4W integrated review capturing process
Your firm can now automatically trigger the review capture process as a client’s matter is closed in P4W, or even collect mid-case reviews throughout the matter. The client reviews will then be filed automatically into P4W against the client’s matter.
“We’ve been extremely impressed with the client service provided by Accesspoint to all of our mutual clients using the P4W system. ReviewSolicitors is really looking forward to working with Scott Brown and the rest of the team at Accesspoint as the integration that they’ve designed is a 5-star feature!”
– Paul Hanney, Head of Account Management at ReviewSolicitors

Fee earners are in control and can prevent the review request being sent

Reviews collected will feed back into P4W and be saved on the client’s matter

Your firm can expect between a 25 – 30% response rate on average of clients leaving a review for the firm

Completely automates the process of collecting client feedback, so no more worrying about forgetting to ask

Easy website integration for simple navigation and access to end users

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