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Accesspoint Media Services talk making every word count with SEO for firms

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Creating a great website without adding the proper marketing tools for it to be found, is about as useful as throwing an exciting party without sending out any invitations!

As many SME firms once again close their physical doors to new clients, it is now extremely important to ensure that your virtual doors are not only wide open but are also easy to find for clients searching for legal services.

Competition amongst SME firms is very tight and so we believe Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) should be the words that come to mind when exploring techniques to ensure that new clients are more likely to find and visit your website to make enquiries – remember every word counts!

Firms cannot afford to fall behind or completely neglect the power of SEO tools, especially in today’s climate – explore now and find out how SEO can help utilise your website.

How can we help?

Tailored SEO Strategies:  Our marketing specialists have years of experience when it comes to building effective SEO strategies for law firms. We understand what it takes to keep a firm at the top of popular search engines such as Google and Bing and so we stay on top of trends and the latest algorithms and ensure your firms content is up to scratch with what clients are searching for on a daily basis.

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Provide relevant traffic: We can ensure your site will benefit from exposure with higher rankings and a greater impact on the overall conversion rate. By optimising your webpage to continuously provide keywords and more, your firm will be able to filter out the visitors that search for general terms versus visitors who know exactly what they are looking for and therefore more likely to make an enquiry.

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Stand out from competitors: Our SEO strategy doesn’t stop at the content on your firm’s webpage, we consider all the components needed to create the perfect optimised website. Besides keywords, page titles, page descriptions etc, we will ensure that the overall user experience including a sitemap, colours, images, videos, site responsiveness and many other components are able, to meet the search engine guidelines and deliver to a client’s expectations. Ensuring that your website can stand out from competition and rank higher in the search engine results page.

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Allowing your firm to know the true potential of SEO is key to surviving and striving in this current climate and for the future. At Accesspoint we are dedicated to providing your firm with the very best strategies and marketing tools to ensure any of the legal services you provide are being seen by the right people.

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