The words ‘entrepreneur’ and ‘shoot from the hip’ often go hand in hand. But as the pace of business constantly increases at an ever-accelerating rate, so too does the need for strategic planning.

Competitors can come in from way out left field and put you out of business with ideas and efficiencies you never thought of. Planning forces you to pay attention to what is going on in the world so that you can avoid that fate. For many law firms they avoid strategic ‘brand’ planning because they consider it complex and difficult to implement, also costing lots of money and saps the time and energy of the senior management team. In fact it ought to be reasonably quick, simple and easily implementable.


A few simple points to consider and include:

  • Gather a representative working team
  • Go off-site
  • Get full commitment from all the partners
  • Let go of the reins
  • Use a third party facilitator
  • Include an action plan
  • Don’t use indelible ink
  • Don’t let the facilitator write the plan
  • Get commitment in writing
  • Review the plan regularly

An effective strategy is built on knowledge and market awareness. Understanding the market sector is key and with many years of experience in legal, we are well placed to deliver success. Delivering a strategic plan needs robust processes for development and rigorous controls for successful implementation. Our structured approach to develop a brand strategy will help you to meet your targets, satisfy your customers and deliver value by enhancing the perception of your business.

We will implement the agreed strategy and introduce control measures appropriate to the scale and complexity of the activities.

Through this brand strategy we bring together your products, your services and your people, ensuring that your brand delivers tangible results, commanding and defending a market position.

help is at hand

Hiring and training or keeping regular marketing staff can be expensive, so letting us look after your marketing makes very good financial sense. As specialists in marketing services we bring added strength to your team and get under the skin of what you do best, how to promote it and generate new business leads.

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